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Най-страшният филм...

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1 Най-страшният филм... on Вто 22 Дек 2009, 14:15


Фамилията Волтури
Фамилията Волтури
Кой е най-страшният филм, който сте гледали? Кое ви впечатли? Препоръчвате ли го? Споделете с нас.

    I'm only dreaming
    Between the darkness and the light
    I'm only dreaming, oooh
    Dreaming, can't tell the daylight from the night
    I'm only dreaming, dreaming

    I feel the sunlight shining down on my face
    Not a cloud in my mind
    I get my wake up but it never comes in time
    My prayers are spoken and I wait to receive
    'Cause there's a fine line between the truth and how we want it to be

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